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Corporate Plans

Housecall MD provides custom-designed health services offerings for custom clients. We have a number of ways to work with companies. Contact our medical director to see how a corporate medical plan could work for your business.


Doctor service at your office

For larger companies we set up a consistent time to see patients (e.g. we would come in once weekly for an afternoon, staying from 1 PM - 5 PM). That generally provides about 15 patient slots per week which is adequate, except in the Winter months when we may have to add additional hours due to respiratory illness).

For smaller companies we might come in once a month, again seeing about 15 patients with each visit.


Company vaccinations, etc...

Alternatively, we can provide care on an as-needed" basis, for example several companies asked us to administer flu vaccine to their employees this year. Not only did that keep the employees healthy, but it saved the company thousands of dollars in paid sick leave.


Live events

We provide care at many entertainment venues in NYC, from TV studios to Broadway stages. For example, this year David Seitz, our medical director, was one of the physicians chosen to work as part of the medical team for the 2 week long 24 hour/day TV show - The Million Second Quiz.

An Historical Note From Dr. Seitz, Founder and Medical Director

HousecallMDNY began its foray into corporate medicine thanks to a hedge fund manager at a large Wall Street Firm. When I met him at his workplace I asked why he preferred when a physician visited his office rather than coming to my office - only a couple of blocks away. He mentioned the individualized care, the longer length and greater depth of the visit, etc.

I suppose I looked unconvinced so then he paused, looked me in the eye and said "Would you like to know the real reason". If I come to your office and wait in the waiting room and then walk back to my office I have lost almost two hours of my workday. If an earnings report comes in while I'm away, I can lose millions in a heartbeat."

I appreciated how candid he was and realized that in New York time is money - and having a housecall at your place of work can greatly increase work efficiency.

That was many years ago. Since then the doctors of HousecallMDNY have seen patients at hundreds of corporate offices, from Wall Street to the Upper West Side, from the Theater District to the U.N. The services we provide are those you would find in a traditional office - but we bring the office to the patient, rather than have the patient come to us.