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The last thing you want to worry about when you’re sick or injured is paperwork, so we’ve designed a flat-fee structure to keep things simple. Even most tests are included (see below).

Single VisitsYearly Plans
Scheduling Via email or through our answering service24/7 direct access to our
doctors by cell phone
Response Time Guaranteed at your door
in 4 hours
Guaranteed at your door
in 4 hours
Price$300/visit+ $10 online
service fee
$500/quarter+ $10/quarter online service fee
Number of
Purchase one at a timePrepaid fee includes up to 10 visits/year

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You pay us up front, either when you schedule your single visit, or when you sign up for a yearly plan. Then, we’ll provide a receipt and complete any paperwork so you can file a claim with your insurance company.

Form of payment

All payments are by credit card, either over the phone or via our secure form.

For single-visit customers, you can pay by phone or online when we call to schedule your appointment. For yearly plan members, your card will be charged when you sign up, and then renewed around the same time each year.

A note about testing

Tests we perform on-site are included in our pricing. Bloodwork and X-Rays are outsourced, and will be billed separately.

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